A bad mood can cause dozens of diseases

The survey shows that in the General Hospital of the newly diagnosed patients, slightly higher than the 1/3 body disease, not to 1/3 for neurosis, the rest of the 1/3 is a psychosomatic disease. Such a large proportion, so that people have begun to pay great attention to psychosomatic diseases.

A bad mood is a virus"

With the development of science and technology, people began to know the psychological and social factors have great influence on the development of human health and disease, "bio psycho social model" is gradually replacing the traditional biomedical model. Now we have to recognize people's psychology and physiology is a unified whole. The mood is not good long, sharp stimulation depressed or important events caused by the organs of the body may cause some diseases, popular talk is: bad mood is a kind of "virus", it will also lead to a lot of body disease.

It puts forward "the fury of liver injury, excessive sad" point of view, it is a very good reason. From the autopsy report, long-term depression or bad mood, depressed patients, brain structure has changed. A large number of clinical practice has proved that the mood in the long-term an abnormal condition, will cause the body's immune system, some changes in the endocrine system, the general performance is a long-term process, is typical of the stomach. Because the human brain appetite control diet and emotional control of central central get closer to cell activity will influence each other, so when people feel not often directly shows no appetite, do not want to eat, only inpidual cases is appetite, if in this state for a long time, certainly will cause some damage to the stomach, causing the disease. In addition, the It has also been found that stress gastric ulcers may occur in major events, especially traumatic events

Research shows that with the mood related disease cancer, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stomach disease, headache, urticaria, allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism and other dozens of diseases. Professor Tang said, "bad mood is a great harm to the virus, we can never let down to these psychological problems"

Intellectuals should beware of "literati disease""

Psychosomatic disorders and personality, life practice, work environment, social support and physical health are closely related, especially close relationship with culture degree. Now a lot of intellectual life, work pressure, and these people for their own requirements are relatively high, too subtle, always melancholy and moody, lack of outdoor activities such as "literati disease" there are a lot of, and many intellectuals lack bearing gap between the ideal and the reality of the mind and courage, so easy to cause depression, insomnia, resulting in some psychosomatic diseases.

In addition from the age distribution of patients with psychosomatic diseases is mainly concentrated in the 20-40 years old; from the gender distribution, women significantly more than men. Professor Tang believes that these distribution shows a lot of problems, first concentrated in the age of young people, because in the years, support their parents, their children's education, the cause and some changes near the menopause, which makes this group of middle-aged people in the danger zone of a psychosomatic disease of high incidence. But generally speaking, women are more sentimental and worry about love or too sensitive, these habits are to make women more vulnerable to physical and psychological diseases.

"Heart disease" still needs "heart doctor" solution

Now many diseases are caused by psychological problems, but people tend to avoid the psychological doctor rather naturally or half unconsciously, from medical to surgical departments do not turn to mental disease with expert consultation. The traditional drug treatment is often not much effect, most can only play a temporary role, can not solve the fundamental problem this is also a lot of emotion. Because the cause of gastropathy treated repeatedly for decades can not cure.

Relaxed and happy mood, optimistic and positive attitude toward life, coupled with good interpersonal relationships, the most effective "injections" health rich amateur life is a psychosomatic disease, but when the mood is bad, the best to talk to friends, or in a very serious problem has affected their health, then there must be to professional consultation treatment.