How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy by Chinese Medicine

Diabetic nephropathy (DN), Western medicine in the treatment of certain limitations and adverse reactions, especially long-term use of more than 8 years will have a considerable side effects of liver and kidney. Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation in the prevention and treatment of early diabetic nephropathy in the good efficacy and reduce the advantages of adverse reactions, making it an important means of intervention.

Diabetic nephropathy etiology and pathogenesis, Chinese medicine that "chronic illness into the network," kidney is the culmination of the gathering, diabetic nephropathy is essentially due to diabetes due to a long time, Chinese medicine, chronic illness, Blood stasis, blocking in the collaterals, the formation of micro-Zheng Jia. To the main manifestations of limb edema, then that is yin loss and yang, spleen and kidney decay, water retention of skin irritation, then as edema.

Diabetic nephropathy should be treated with heat and dampness, blood circulation. In the basic treatment (including the control of blood glucose, treatment of high blood pressure, low salt quality low-protein diet) at the same time, the rational application of heat detoxification and leaching method, can eliminate and relieve dampness evil, inhibit renal immune inflammation, Promote the repair of kidney disease, thereby improving renal function, control the progress of this disease have a positive effect. Treatment focus on blood circulation, especially long illness patients, stressed that long illness will be active.

Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy in the medication, on the one hand should pay attention to regulate the immune function of patients, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly tonic drugs, such as: qi available ginseng, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Sijunzi Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. Rehabilitation category cinnamon, velvet, Cordyceps sinensis, psoralen, Cistanche, Bawei Dihuangwan and so on. On the other hand, should pay attention to avoid the use of kidney toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Guan Mu Tong, Han defense, cantharides, bee venom, Motherwort and so on.