The characteristics of Holistic Natural Therapy

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has always stressed that the overall treatment, as the saying goes: "indeed affect the whole body. The human body is a whole natural body, only the whole therapy, overall improvement is only to help the body to the natural body to enhance the natural instinct to cure, the human self healing, improve the human body, it is the most complete, the most effective, the most safe therapy, the only way to make real health without human disease, so in ancient times some do the" no overall plan for a fundamental transformation of the doctors called work. There is no ancient doctor examination system, there is also no licensed physician or unlicensed doctor, if the "no overall plan for a fundamental transformation of the doctor" is the time in the world, so the modern medical doctors what to call? Some people already know that modern allopathic cannot make people recover, but we didn't have the second choice.

Natural medicine is natural, with the truth of Mahayana medicine, not only is different from the general theory of medicine, the method and disease improvement are also different, not to suppress the generation, pain, removal of headache medicine head, symptomatic treatment gap means, but pay attention to the overall improvement of human. Because the human body itself is the best repair factory, so long as to help the body to complete the self, self improvement, in order to cure any disease, the overall medical therapy will now mainly function as follows:

(first) enhancing the body's natural resistance to disease

Since ancient times, the "law of the jungle." this sentence has almost become a true portrayal of earth. The human survival competition is the same, when the body is weak, bacteria, the disease will take advantage of a weak point, so the desire must be healthy and free from diseases, enhance immunity and natural healing ability of the human body. When enhancing the immunity of the human body, bacteria or disease will not be against the body. When the body's natural healing force enhancement, 000 from the disease can be cured.

(second) improve the living environment of human cells

For the sake of enhancing the immunity of the human body and the natural healing power, you must first make all human cells active, strong desire cells active, strong, must give cells a good environment, it is like the desire of children's book to read well, you must give the child a good study environment. Cell survival environment is the so-called modern medical environment, also is the familiar "constitution". Today, the survival of the human environment, which is the body's external environment. The pollution is very serious, the environmental protection work has become a major issue in the world, this problem is not only our personal ability to solve, even governments will also feel difficult. Since it is impossible to improve the external environment for human survival, we have to improve the internal environment in order to worldly-wise and play safe, own, the cells have a normal living environment, cells can be active and strong.

(third) to enhance the normal function of human organs

Human organs from cells which, when cells active, strong organ can be strong, when all the tissues of the human body is very smooth, the body can be healthy. As previously mentioned, it is five for the five internal organs of the body, has a different characterization. The five line also has five kinds of colors therefore, the cells needed for each organ of nutrients are also different, so we must give all sorts of different nutrients, so that we can make human body organ to reach the peak, in order to successfully complete a variety of tasks or for the human mission.

(fourth) to promote blood circulation normal
Most modern people have poor circulation phenomenon, due to lack of blood. All cells in the body must rely on blood to supply nutrients, when poor blood circulation, such as slow or an obstacle, will make the cells fail to have adequate nutrients, so that rapid cell senescence or death, so we must make the blood circulation is normal. Cells can obtain sufficient water, oxygen and nutrients, so cells can active and strong.

(fifth) promote the cell regeneration ability

Due to modern body acid poison too much, so that a large number of death cells cannot survive, resulting in various diseases, for the sake of the human body to restore health, you must make the cell regeneration, death of cells to regenerate, organs, tissue to restore function or sound, the body to restore health.

(sixth) thoroughly practice preventive medicine

Since ancient times, regardless of all the authority of traditional Chinese and Western medicine are often shouted: "prevention is better than cure." but has been unable to achieve, but only become a slogan. Chinese natural medicine not only advocated disease prevention first, but in practice this more than ten years, has been to give full play to the lofty realm of preventive medicine, and has a lot of people to guide the edge of healthy life, youth is the broad road. And the key method to improve the overall natural therapy, the human body in such help, nature can give full play to the human body, in self crafted, even more than the original appearance will be handsome or beautiful.