Ten standards of health evaluation of traditional Chinese Me

Chinese ancient Chinese carrying people to fight with the disease experience and theoretical knowledge, is in the guidance of ancient naive materialism and spontaneous dialectics thinking, theoretical system of medicine through long-term medical practice gradually formed and developed. The following is ten standards of health evaluation of traditional Chinese Medicine.

1. eyes are gods

No eyes, dull feeling, fine description of gas filling, foot, Xuhui, viscera function is good.

2. harmonic sound

Speak loudly and breathe quietly, reflecting the heart, lungs, functioning and circulatory function well

3. urinate unobstructed

Urinate unobstructed, daily urine volume of 1000 to 1500 ml, indicating urinary function is normal

4., defecate unobstructed

Stool once a day or two, abdominal pain, diarrhea, prompt digestive function good.

5. medium build

Maintain a well proportioned body, not fat or lean. Standard weight = height (CM) -105 (female minus 100) (kg)

6. strong teeth

Keep oral hygiene, basically no dental caries and other oral diseases

7. and handy

Keep exercise 3 times a week, half an hour, and make your muscles, bones, and limbs flexible

8. normal pulse

The pulse of ease, gentle powerful, neat rhythm, not floating light, medium, indicating that the heart and circulatory function is good.

9., there is a diet Festival

Regular daily ration, balanced diet, not picky eaters, no partial eclipse, no overeating, no alcohol, no smoking

10. living on time

Can get up on time and sleep, sleep quality is good