Hidden health problems behind fruit juice


People are very concerned about how to eat healthy, not drink is not Shangshen.8 on Sept. 6, the British Daily Mail published an article that, coffee, juice, soup drink drink is wrong, many health problems left.

Hidden health problems behind fruit juice:

1, fruit juice contains less nutrients than fruit:


When the fruit is pressed into juice, pulp and film was removed. In this process, vitamin C was also greatly reduced, while vitamin C is you have large quantities. If the fruit itself contains the vitamin is very few, such as apple, then, in this process, the vitamin is almost eliminate completely.

2, more nutritious fruit, usually made of fruit juice, nutrition is also more abundant:

Such as citrus fruits. However, sometimes, the juice will be added some nutrients, such as vitamin C., please look at the label, figuring out what the inside contain substances. Some brands may Apple Juice or Grape Juice contains your vitamin C, but may have other brands no.

3, the size of the container can affect the vitamin content in the juice:

How could this be possible? Be careful that vitamin C breaks down in oxygen and the juices in smaller containers are exposed to more air during the packaging and after packing

4, touted that "100% fruit juice" is not necessary:

There are always some juice in seasonings condiments position something, they usually do not have what nutrition, in fact the taste is not good.

5, in the so-called "fruit juice food", "fruit juice drink", you can not find too much fruit:

It is the largest corn syrup and high content. However, there are exceptions, some Cranberry plant fruit juice is rich in vitamin C, they are quite nutritious.

6, once opened, the juice starts to lose nutrition, so don't store it too long in the fridge:

With citrus, grapefruit, pineapple juice and other manufacturing sterile nutrition can save 7 - 10 days. Other low acid fruit, like apples, grapes, can save a week after opening. If you buy the unpasteurized juice, even if you do not open, within a week and you must eat it.

7, untreated fruit juices may be unsafe:

Recently, the food and Drug Administration request warning labels on these juices attached to these juices. For healthy adults, the risk is not, however, for children, the elderly and other immunocompromised people, it is best not to drink the juice in the juice, some harmful bacteria are not killed in the supermarket to sell. The juice is almost entirely sterilized. Of course, the new press is not. But the farmers market, small producers are not. So, you see, a lot of questions.

8, wash fruit before squeezing juice:

If you squeeze juice at home, wash the fruit in cold water to remove the surface bacteria. Wash it with fruit lotion and hot water before each time

9, adhere to the purchase of mixed fruit:

If you want the most nutritious juice, please stick to purchase without the mixed juice, such as orange and grapefruit. Or try other citrus juice, they are rich in vitamin A, C, E, or calcium.

10, do not over adhere to the fruit juice:

If you browse extensively and choose, then juice may help your diet, but eating fruit is very simple, and it's definitely better than eating fruit juice