Massage and acupuncture to improve green cataract eyes

Massage eyelids: with the thumb finger massage the upper eyelid, with the index finger to massage the lower eyelid. Massage from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner of the eye, like a little bit in the painted eye contour as head massage. 1 place according to 5 seconds, after 5 seconds, fingertips suddenly leave the skin. 1 days to do 2 times, when there is time to do before going to bed. Note that pressing with a finger is the edge part of the orbital bone, don't poke, according to the eye. The intensity of the massage should not be too large, in order to feel the pain of the soft power. This method can improve glaucoma (i.e. glaucoma), can improve the dry eye, cataract.
Acupoint massage: according to the "Jingming" and "Chengqi", "Hegu" acupoint. "Jingming" inside canthus above 0.1 inches, "Chengqi" is located just below the eye, about the orbital bone near, "Hegu" located in the back part of the second metacarpal midpoint, thumb side, alias hukou. With the index finger or the thumb of the abdominal massage "Jingming" and "Chengqi" two points, with the other hand thumb fingertip pressed hard Hegu point. A point according to the time equivalent to five much slower. According to these points, it can prevent and improve glaucoma.