Nephritis five natural therapy prescription

Chronic kidney disease is dormant, most of the early renal disease has few symptoms; Even if there are symptoms, it may be that it is not unique to kidney disease. It is easy to be ignored by the patient. When the following symptoms appear, it is important to consider that the kidney may be calling the police:

1. The waist is acid. Because of busy work, fatigue and so on, waist-acid phenomenon is very common. It is often felt that lumbar acid is caused by muscle loss. But it's worth remembering that lumbar acid can also be an early symptom of kidney disease. Kidney enlargement in the case of nephritis, swelling of the kidneys that wrap around its membrane can also cause lumbar acid.

2. Abnormal urine: including proteinuria, microscopic or macroscopic hematuria, low specific urine, foam in the urine, and enhanced urine color (especially after a cold). It is important to be aware of the protein in your urine, and it may also be that the urine has blood cells in it.

Edema: the kidneys are an important organ of water metabolism, and edema is often a problem for the kidneys, including swollen eyes, swollen eyes, swollen feet, swollen ankles, and even body edema.

4. Micturition abnormal: kidney is in charge of the production of urine, discharge of wastes, including micturition abnormal micturition number increase, therefore, to reduce or increase of urine, especially nocturia increased, dysuria, should be vigilant the urinary system diseases.

5. Blood pressure increases: kidney disease often appears to increase blood pressure, young people refractory hypertension also should consider the possibility of renal artery stenosis.

6. Anemia: it is a common phenomenon in chronic kidney disease due to the reduction of erythropoietin in the kidney.

Therefore, even if the above symptoms are mild, it should be timely to the kidney specialist, so as to avoid misdiagnosis and treatment.

5 prescriptions for the natural therapy of nephritis:

Prescription 1:

Medicine: watermelon juice, lotus root juice, and apple juice

Usage: 3 times daily, 3 times daily, with quantity.

Attending: acute phase of pediatric nephritis

Prescription 2:

Medicine: 60 ~ 90 grams of garlic, 250 grams of raw fish () turtle.

Usage: garlic to skin, raw fish to the intestines and clean water, add the right amount of water, simmer, no seasoning, daily or every day 1 time, continuous to take.

Main cure: chronic nephritis edema, nutrition is not benign edema.

Prescription 3:

Medicine: winter melon 100g, japonica 100g.

Usage: wash the skin of wax gourd and cut it up. Put it in a casserole with the clean rice. Add a little water and boil it to porridge, and serve it at will.

Main treatment: acute glomerulonephritis

Prescription 4:

Medicines: 150 grams of winter melon (peeled, sliced), 30 grams of lean pork, salt, oil, soy sauce, starch, spring Onions and ginger.

Usage: the pork slices are mixed with soy sauce and starch. Heat the oil pan and fry the spring onion and ginger, then stir fry the meat, then add the winter gourd and stir-fry until the salt is seasoned and served.

Attending: nephritis, hematuria, edema.

Prescription 5:

Medicine: 120 grams of peanut, 200 grams of broad beans, 50 grams of brown sugar.

Usage: add the peanuts and broad beans into the pot and add water to the pot. Boil it until the water is brown and turbid. Take 2 times a day and add a proper amount of brown sugar.

Attending: chronic nephritis.